Get ready to enter a

new world of innovators!


why ideaspace?

Save your spent resources on all those networking activities, we brought everyone you need to connect with at your doorstep!

Our cozy and vibrant spaces is fully loaded with everything you need to keep your team inspired all the time!

Plug n play startup solutions! our customizable startup solutions come at unmatched value for price in the market

Each space contain a fully equipped makespace that is able to turn all your cool ideas into real stuff!


What do we do?

Ideaspace is a co-working space designed to support innovators and entrepreneurs, as well provide a platform for developing and sharing ideas, between entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors. By becoming a member in ideaspace, you can access our network of entrepreneurs and mentors, exchange ideas, attend our weekly event series, collaborate with potential partners and make use of our office in an exciting and dynamic startup environment.

Developing your startup business as part of the ideaspace also gives you exposure to innoventures team, affiliates and investors, allowing them to assist you developing your business in the most suitable way, and place you in front of investors during the Startup Showcase as soon as you are ready.

What do we offer?

  • A physical space designed to international standards that offers top notch facilities in an accessible location
  • A community space, with outreach initiatives that inspire creativity and contributes to entrepreneurial activities, encourages collaboration and fosters growth in a professional environment.
  • An established Partner Network which includes key stakeholders relevant to growing the startup ecosystem in Egypt.