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About Us

Ideaspace is a platform to empower innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and researchers. It is designed around a place where ideas can live, grow and shine. We provide a network of locations around Egypt and MENA where people with ideas can meet, work, learn and collaborate.
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Our Story

Our Story

IdeaSpace was founded in 2017 as a innovation space by CULTIV LLC is a collective of interdependent companies working on a diverse set of activities related to innovation. The vision of this collective is based on cultivating people, ideas, knowledge, and culture through innovation, and its goal is to empower innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists and designers in Egypt and the region.

IdeaSpace, a popular digital innovation hub in Egypt has expanded to include new launch sites throughout Suez and Alexandria.

running managed hardware labs in different governorates of Egypt. And we aim to continue this work into the future. Our goal is not only about creating innovators but also ensuring they are sustainable, so that their innovations can be passed on from one generation all too next.

With the coronavirus, we made sure that our living experience on Earth was transferred to a digital space. And during this time period of preparing new products including a development house as a hardware community who can work together across countries through technology's global reach... We are now at an era where people will be able to do business with one another without ever having met face -toface.

We participated in many innovation competitions and events. We launched our new educational product - Innovation camp

Our Culture

A creative environment where ideas come to life. We believe in challenging ourselves and celebrating our successes, which is why we have a dartboard on one of the walls! It's not just any old game though - this means that everyone can contribute their thoughts when needed for new challenges or discussions about how best to do things around here (or anywhere). There aren't any sacred cows; if you've got an idea then go ahead with it no matter what others might think because every person has different skill sets so someone will be able to find something useful even within themselves. We communicate effectively by building processes to facilitate smooth collaboration between teams, which is essential for any productive company culture.

Our culture
Our believes

Our Believes

Experience is everything
Big ideas, Beautifully made
Make bigger moves
Define growth strategy
Build new business
Product development & procurement

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