We host Egypt’s biggest community of innovators inside our network of co-working spaces and extending through 2021 to Africa and MENA region. The spaces are designed to provide professionals with a physical base to succeed and scale. Equipped with workstations, offices, meeting rooms, laboratories, event spaces, fabrication lab, café, startups, agencies, corporate labs, freelancers, investors, media companies, and students, who are all united by a like-minded vision for innovation, and more.

What is ideaspace?

An ideaspace is not just a physical workspace. It is more like a space in mind, a space holding people, or even a space in a piece of paper that can help someone to push their idea to life. It is an integrated platform of co-working spaces. Innovation labs, and activities enriching innovation and support innovators.

Ideaspace runs several activities for building a community and culture for innovation and entrepreneurship and bridging the gap between ideas, technology, and business.

Why ideaspace?

Ideaspace was established to mine down the innovators' community that can make a breakthrough in our communities and the world. We have developed expertise in managing the prototyping labs in all the Ideaspace locations and providing training on prototyping and tools for makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs

At ideaspace, we provide our innovators with all the necessary resources to transform their ideas into real projects. Ideaspace is now the leading network of innovation spaces in Egypt, which are buzzing with activity around technology, design, and entrepreneurship, and with 14 existing locations, with major hubs in Cairo, Assiut, Alexandria, Suez, and several more planned over the next 2 years in Egypt, Africa, and MENA region. 

Innovation space conceptideabubble

Innovation is a culture and lifestyle that need to be rooted in the people's culture and spreading such awareness needs a lot of collaborative effort. For this reason, we work through a collaborative innovation space in which people meet and engage on a different level and in various ways.

An innovation space is not meant to be just a physical space. It is more like a space in mind, a space holding people, or even a space in a piece of paper that can help someone to push his idea to life.

One space in different places

ideabubble2Networking between spaces and making sure all spaces are engaged is a crucial point for our innovation model to succeed. All must know each other, all must engage and all shall collaborate across all the spaces and this communication and collaboration should be reflected online through the online platform. 



Our community welcomes and appreciates people from different backgrounds, diverse cultures, and various experiences.


At ideaspace, we help our clients to engage and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds so they can benefit from one another.


Ideaspace offers everyone the support they need, from the community, from our internal team, from partners, and other stakeholders in the ecosystem.


Ideaspace is a professional co-working space where people come to transform their ideas into reality and find adequate community, support, and opportunities.


It never goes without fun. Ideaspace is the space where you enjoy your work and find moments of fun, joy, and friendship.

What Ideaspace does

Co-working spaces

Ideaspace has 4 main co-working spaces and 10 minor spaces in vocational schools. They are all considered innovation centers that aim at supporting innovators everywhere. Our spaces are spread across 8 cities in Egypt, and we are planning to expand in other African and Arab countries.

Innovation labs

Across our 14 spaces, there are 13 Fabrication labs, 2 IoT labs, 2 PCB labs, and A studio which are managed in partnership with WISE, San3a Tech, ITIDA, ASRT, and Suez University.

Community and support

Ideaspace is committed to be the platform of innovation and connect its network in the region and support the ecosystem to grow the impact of innovation and strengthen its pillars.


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