To complete the journey of the success, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology is hosting the students of Fanni Mobtaker competition from 24 to 25 October in 6th Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation at CIEC.

A number of ministers, investors, business men, banks, international community organizations and nearly 1000 exhibitors from Egypt, Arab, European and African countries.

The participants represented section of technical education students in the exhibition, 18 teams in the 3 tracks of the competition, industrial track, hotel and agricultural track, renewable energy and logistics track, the students had presented their projects to nearly 7000 visitors who are interested in scince and technology.

The objectives of the exhibition coincide with the objectives of the competition, as the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology believes in the importance of Egyptian society living in learning environment to support the idea of the innovation among children and youth from an early age, therefore, the two sides are putting big efforts to support innovation and establish this supportive environment to help the Egyptian society and economy.

The students have crossed a long way, to reach the final stage of the competition, as they are one step closer to their dream, were waiting for the results of the semifinal eliminations, as the judging panel reached their final decision after consultations and meetings, by choosing the qualified teams to the final stage in the competition, 15 teams had been qualified, which means five teams will compete in each track.

Alexandria governorate has the biggest number of qualified teams, with a total of 3 teams in the industrial and hotel and agricultural track, 2 teams from Aswan governorate in the track of renewable energy and logistics, Gharbia has 2 teams qualified in the hotel and agricultural track, while 2 teams from Port Said had been qualified in the industrial track, the renewable energy and logistics track, The Red Sea and Ismaili governorates, each with 1 team in the path of renewable energy and logistics, 1 team on the industrial and agricultural track from Beni Suef and Sharqia Governorate, and finally, 1 team from Menoufia governorate and Damietta had qualified in the hotel and agricultural track.

The qualified teams will have intensive training again that would be provided in a closed boot-camp from 13th of October to the closing the ceremony, that will be held in the educational city at 6 October city, through which various technical support will be provided and guided by specialized experts to help projects develop their models, aiming to the development of the project's, in addition to preparing financial plans besides setting their work plan.

At the end of the filtration, 9 projects will be chosen, first three in each track will be selected at the closing ceremony of the competition, that will be held in Cairo on 16th October at Mina House Hotel in Al-Haram, where the winning projects will receive incubation from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), to help students achieve their dreams.

Fanni Mobtaker competition had reached the end, but the students just started the journey, to achieve their dreams and see it on the ground as their journey will start with The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology by the financial and technical support for the three winning teams in each track.

The final ceremony in mina house Al-Haram was completed in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Megahed, Deputy Minister of Education and Technical Education, dr. Mahmoud Saqr, president of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, dr. Mohamed Shaded, General Manager of Etisal organization, Technology Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Center, and Rebecca Lataturka, Deputy Director of WISE.

As for the projects that reached the finals, an exhibition was held aiming to provide the attendees the chance to visit these booths and discuss the ideas, highlighting that each team had an independent booth presenting their projects.

At the end of the ceremony, the first places were announced in each track, and the Easy out Machine project took the first place from Sharkia Governorate, and the Terbojeen project came in the second place from Alexandria Governorate, followed by the Re-cost project in the third place from Beni Suef Governorate, which is in the industrial track. As for the hotel and agricultural route, Tabaak Beesmak project was awarded the first place from Alexandria Governorate, Lucky Pasta Project, the second place from Gharbia Governorate, the third-place Garemet Akl project from Menoufia Governorate, and in the path of renewable energy and logistics, the Flexi Container Project took the first place from Ismailia Governorate, and the Friendly Pump in the second place of Aswan Governorate, Find My Bag project in the third place from the Red Sea Governorate.

The winners of the competition will receive prizes totaling 150,000 EGP distributed to the winners in each track as follows: First position, 25,000 EGP, Second position, 15000 EGP, and Third position, 10000 EGP.

Also, the Scientific Research and Technology Academy, within the framework of the agreement, will Incubate the three projects that will win in the competition in each track with a total value of 600,000 EGP.

Students walked through various phases to reach their goal and follow their dream step by step until it becomes a real operating project, as there were specific and accurate criteria for choosing ideas from the beginning and these ideas were filtered more than once to make sure that only those who are eligible reach the final phases.

The biggest training boot- camp for technical education students in Egypt was launched and completed, and the participating students went through various stages in the competition, aiming to achieve their dreams and reach the finals, to compete for the first position in the competition.

The enthusiasm and diligence of the students have emerged to achieve this goal through the camp and through their prototypes, which was an outstanding proof of the success of their ideas and that they have worked thoroughly, and notable development of their skill in presenting and marketing their products that appeared in front of the judging panel in the semi-finals.

As for the results of the semifinal stage are scheduled to be announced within days, only 15 teams will qualify for the final stage, having 5 teams in each track, the industrial track, the hotel and agricultural track and the track of renewable energy and logistics.

The qualified teams up to the next stage of the competition have to challenge themselves even harder by making more effort, to compete for the first positions in each track, to deserve the support and incubation by the Academy of Scientific Research, to transform their ideas into project producing a real outcome from their dedication and work on the ground and see its success concretely.

The students will present their ideas again in front of the judging panel, as for the winners they will be determined at the closing ceremony as the final stage of the competition, which will be held on the 16th of October, by crowning the best ideas in each track.

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