The initial numbers of participation in Fanni Mobtaker Competition 2019 were recognized after filtration phase showing the detailed percentage of those who qualified for the next stage, and the female participation appeared to be almost double the number compared to the previous year, and with distinguished ideas, the number of ladies were equal to the number of men participating in the competition.

A wrong image of Technical Education is rooted in the minds of Egyptian society. Fanni Mobtaker competition, the largest specialized competition in Egypt and the Middle East for innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of Technical Education, is taking place to change the society's perception and culture toward Technical Education and to spread a positive mental image about it locally or regionally.

Fanni Mobtaker 2019 Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship which is for Technical Education students, "Mashrouie Bedayty", funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology is preparing to begin filtering contestants applications this week.

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