The events area of the Ideaspace Company is hosting the filtration's final phase of the students' forms of Fanni Mobtaker competition and the announcement of the final results on Sunday at 5 pm.

One hundred idea will be selected out of total four hundred and fifty idea selected in the filtration's first phase out of 2244 project ideas, these hundred idea will be selected by a judging panel which represented by ENG/Hesham Wahby the CEO of Ideaspace company, ENG/Nahil Mohamed the director of the innovation unit at TIEC, ENG/ Waseem Al-Abd a consultant in the innovation field – Deltasquare company, as well as Dr. Omar Suleiman a senior consultant in WISE, and ENG/Mahmoud Tantawi director of the technical education unit of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.

The results will be sent to all the technical schools participating in the competition immediately after being approved by the entities concerned in the competition, and announce them to the public through the channels of Fanni Mobtaker competition.

Fanni Mobtaker 2019 Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship which is for Technical Education students, "Mashrouie Bedayty", funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology is preparing to begin filtering contestants applications this week.

The next phase of the competition is the filtration process of the applications, which is supervised by all the parties involved in the competition. The process is implemented in three stages, ending with the selection of one hundred and fifty ideas in the three tracks specified for the competition, the industrial track, the hotel and the decorative track and the energy and logistics track. They will be trained and guided to pass the second stage to the final phases of the competition.

The final results of this phase will be announced in June and will be sent to all vocational schools participating in the competition after being approved by the concerned authorities. The final results will be announced to the general public through the channels of Fanni Mobtaker competition.

A wrong image of Technical Education is rooted in the minds of Egyptian society. Fanni Mobtaker competition, the largest specialized competition in Egypt and the Middle East for innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of Technical Education, is taking place to change the society's perception and culture toward Technical Education and to spread a positive mental image about it locally or regionally.

The competition provides all forms of technical, material and logistical support for the outstanding projects of technical education students in the three tracks, industrial education, hotel education, agriculture, new curricula and specialties such as renewable energy and logistics, As well as to strengthen the process of building the leading cadres of students of technical education, and the dissemination of the culture of self-employment and self-reliance without waiting for a government or private function, in addition to the revitalization of entrepreneurship, and study the economic feasibility of the idea and mechanisms to turn it into a successful project.

In order to ensure the achievement of the overall objectives of the competition, Fanni Mobtaker competition is being prepared for the signing of the cooperation protocol between the organizing bodies of the competition on the 15th of July, at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, The protocol is signed between the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, in partnership with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, in cooperation with the manpower development project and the enhancement of skills funded by the American Agency for International Development in Egypt, and Eitesal NGO.

The agreement aims mainly at cooperation among the four signatories to the protocol to achieve the goal of the competition, which is to develop the skills and expertise of students in technical education, provide them with the skills of innovation and entrepreneurship, help them to start implementing their projects and realize their ideas related to their professional specialization, and support the positive intellectual image and society's view of students and graduates of technical education.

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