The students have crossed a long way, to reach the final stage of the competition, as they are one step closer to their dream, were waiting for the results of the semifinal eliminations, as the judging panel reached their final decision after consultations and meetings, by choosing the qualified teams to the final stage in the competition, 15 teams had been qualified, which means five teams will compete in each track.

Technical education is the foundation of the industry of the future, it is, therefore, necessary to create a stimulating environment to support and develop the entrepreneurial system and the development of the small and medium enterprises by supporting and guiding young people at an early age, especially students of technical education schools.

Many people look at technical education students as inefficient and inferior to the rest of the students, despite the wrong perspective and societal image of students of technical education and underestimating their abilities, these students presented an astonishing and innovative ideas that enabled them to qualify to the second phase of the competition.

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