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Development house

Development house

Where Ideas get made. Collaborate on products, get a quote and manufacture on demand. Faster and smarter.


Our vision is to create an Internet of Production – bringing networked capability to digital product development and fabrication.

Just like the internet allows everyone to participate in the production and dissemination of ideas, a distributed infrastructure for physical products would mean anyone could participate in the design and production of physical things. Disrupting not just one industry, but industry itself.

By removing the barriers to participation, innovation and opportunity in product design and manufacturing, we want to help great ideas have a better chance and a bigger positive impact on our world.


1- Product development (HardWare & Software & Mechanical) from idea to market. 

2-Design of advanced embedded systems based on ARM microprocessors and microcontrollers. 

3-Multilayer PCB design up to 8 layers. 

4-Rapid prototyping in Fabrication Hubs 

5-Industrial design 

6-Printed circuits boards reverse 

7-Innovation hubs Capabilities 

  1. PCB Production line (up to 8 layers) , Semi-automatic assembly line with advanced rework station. 
  2. IOT Lab 
  3. Digital fabrication lab ( 3d Printers, Laser cutters, CNC Milling, Router, Plasma ).
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