The idea of innovation clubs in technical education schools was established through the Workforce Enhancement and Skills Enhancement (WISE) project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in cooperation with the ideaspace. A classroom inside the school, but in a different way, with a different climate and different capabilities than usual. From this chapter, the voices of minds, effort and youth work out to produce ideas that raise Egypt's prestige. The class is colored with the most beautiful colors and graphics that motivate students to be creative and creative. The class is equipped with the appropriate furniture, tools, equipment and machines that help transform the ideas of youth into reality. Besides this, innovation clubs enter into a wide network that allows them to communicate with experts from various fields and also provides the opportunity to see and follow up on many innovators and entrepreneurs and communicate with them. IdeaPoints’ Innovative center for teaching and innovate, purpose-built for students to engage and experiment with emerging technologies for fabrication and to build a culture. We provide the places and tools, as well as the training, teaching and expertise to allow you to speculate and innovate using a diverse range of materials, processes, and new equipment.

The Pandemic TechHack is a public-private initiative that aims to help solve this wicked problem of the pandemic outbreak by finding innovative solutions that fight the COVID-19 and its consequences. Ideaspace is proudly running the Pandemic TechHack with many other partners It is an online hackathon that proposed to tackle the rising threats, where innovators from the Arab region can come together with stunning ideas and solutions that help our area emerge from the crisis more reliable than ever Now is the time to adopt moonshot ideas that will help tackle the crisis and position the Arab region well for the aftermath.
Pandemic TechHack is a series of 3 rounds each round has its challenges:
Round 1: Work against the virus
Round 2: Coexist with COVID-19
Round 3: Biosafety Hackathon. We have more than 50 Mentors & Experts from various backgrounds, Including Partnership with more than 40 partners. The Total number of Applied Ideas is 714 Ideas.

EME Innovation Hubs provide well facilitated labs and co-working spaces for the production of electronics, learning opportunities for engineers,
researchers and entrepreneurs in the field, guidance and assistance for startups and promising initiatives, a networking platform designated to the betterment of the collective outcome and collaborative opportunities for national contributions. 

EME innovation hubs are being run by a strategic alliance led by Ideaspace, EiTESAL and San3a Tech. 

Fanni Mobtaker is a national competition that is founded and powered by Ideaspace and EITESAL in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, USAID and Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. The competition is held in all of Egypt, in (Alexandria, Monufia, Sharqia, Gharbia, Port said, Red sea, Aswan, Ismailia, Damietta, Faiyum, Beni Suef) having participants from all of the technical education schools in those governorates, giving the chance to these young minds. The competition consists of four stages (applying, filtration, pre-final, closing ceremony), and the main Aim of the four stages, is to provide the needed help to 100 idea & project, to create a prototype and the first ranks in all of the stages will receive fund that reach 1,500,000 LE, to enable them to start their business and compete in the market.