Coworking Spaces

IdeaSpace is a place where everyone finds support and finds an opportunity, from the community, from Ideaspace, from partners and where all the ecosystem players can find support and collaboration.
IdeaSpace has 4 main co-working spaces and 10 minor spaces in vocational schools; they are all considered innovation centers that aim at supporting innovators everywhere. Our spaces are spread across 8 cities in Egypt and planning the way to other African and Arab countries.

It opens the door for the subscriber to be available at the space at any time needed without limits across the month with a satisfying bundle of services

Dedication is what you need to get started professionally and have your work well served through access to many services and facility along with your dedicated desk

Have the space suitable to speak up and innovate with the biggest number of people in a well-equipped facility and quality of services 

It is your best option when work popups or your work is not on schedule. You will have space to get the best out of your work among our innovators and get free hot drinks as much as you need

When you need some privacy for your work or meet-up with your clients or team it is the best option for you with a bundle of services and facility noncomparable