Innovation Labs

Ideaspace is dedicated to supporting innovators to get their innovations to life and here is where the magic happens and all the efforts come true. In our labs, we try to offer top-notch facilities to our innovators to ensure their success. We cover a wide spectrum of the facility from art-oriented ones to complicated electronics and IoT prototyping facility

With a state of the art equipment, we offer PCB fabrication with multi-layer capability up to 6 layers and track resolution 200 µ. Our facility covers all manufacturing stages to ensure speed and quality.

The IoT and Smart City Lab is a stimulus lab to boost development of IoT and smart city applications. The lab avails access to all components of the IoT and embedded systems value chain

We offer fabrication lab facilities across 7 cities in Egypt with different specifications and capabilities. We have 13 Fabrication labs spread in these cities and below the applications available across all branches.

Ideastudio is an isolated room that is prepared to shoot your innovation. The studio is equipped to cover video and audio basic need and e-learning needs for recording and live sessions.