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PCB Lab Capabilities


  • Fine-line technology of industrial quality with green solder mask Up-to 6-layer boards with through-hole plating.
  • Support materials: FR2, FR4, CEM1, RF materials (Roger, Duroid), Aluminium Substrate.
  • Track resolution: 200µm, Drill size min. 0.3 mm.
  • Maximum board size: 300 x 400 mm².
  • Artwork production system including photoplotter.
  • Surface finish: Immersion tinning & immersion gold plating.


  • SMD, BGA, and CSP Pick & Place Machine with Camera supporting up-to Chip 0201 and QFP 0.65 mm pitch.
  • Screen Printer for Solder paste.
  • Reflow Oven Hot Air.
  • Oven-curing PCB & Components.


  • MD / BGA Placement & Rework Station.
  • X-Ray Inspection System.
  • BGA Reballing Tools with optical inspection system.
  • Soldering / Desoldering Station with Hot Air.

PCB Lab Use Cases

  • Providing services for prototype or pilot production with competitive cost:
  • PCB Fabrication single, double-sided, and multilayer PCB up to 6-layers 
  • PCB prototype assembly services 
  • Provide BGA and CSP rework services by placement, desoldering, BGA reballing with optical inspection system against the competitive cost.
  • Capacity building for electronics engineers and technicians in PCB design, PCB fabrication, and assembly of advanced technologies. 
  • Beneficiaries / Target Audiences
  • Electronics design houses  
  • R&D centers of enterprises or universities 
  • Start-up’s
  • Factories 
  • Undergraduate / Postgraduate projects


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