Halim is an artist working at Cultiv, and he is the designer at Ideaspace.

he atmosphere an artist needs to jump in his world and create his art is what you will find here.
You will learn how to switch a hobby towards a business perspective and how to price your good based on art and effort exerted in.
Artists are not always Understandable, but People here are supportive, accepting, loving. and “Instead of people who put you down, People here will push you”.
Here you will find people like you and the most support you need, and always a clean opinion about your art.

Mohamed is a Digital Marketing Manager at the Red Square advertising agency. Through 10years at the market, they are showing the road to companies and supporting them, whether online as Social Media or offline as events management, Ideation & brand activation.
Mohamed Amgad likes the team support we offer at our place, the advantage of our location at the heart of HELIO Police near to their office: which facilitates their operations easing their process.

Ideaspace is a place where you can easily brainstorm and creatively think to extract your ideas and achieve your tasks efficiently and timely through technical and logistical support.
It is a place where you will meet people with the same passion and personalities: making you feel at ease and home.
Whatever your business-level is, you will find it here: at Ideaspace

"You Will Always Find Someone To Share Your Experience With", "That is Why I love Ideaspace".

Bahy is a software developer and engineer, he creates websites, systems, and mobile applications.
As a software engineer you always need facilities such as fast internet, quiet place and relief. Where you can find it in the atmosphere and through the friendly staff that supports these features, which enables you to have meetings here.
At IdeaSpace you will meet people with an engineering background that enables you to enhance your relations and add value to your business.
With the help of nice staff and relaxing atmosphere, this is the kind of support you will always find it here.

 “If you need to add value to your business and generate business leads dealing with people like you, you will find it here.”

Amira is currently working as Edupreneurship Project Manager of 17 TV Show at UNDP, and Co-founder of Freelance Yard startup. She was recently the Program manager of Startup Reactor acceleration program at Innoventure. She has supported over 250 startups with investment, mentorship, training and growth strategies. She has BA in English Interpretation & Literature, but she shifted the career to pursue postgraduate education in Marketing and received an online MBA in Marketing Management from the University of Pennsylvania. She has over than 10 years’ experience on mainly four professional interests; entrepreneurship, marketing, events management and training. She has joined various companies, and worked on different industries; education, publishing, content marketing, advertising, venture capital, etc. Her passion & contributions always capitalize on youth development and startups growth journeys.

Ideaspace is my second home, I have been working there for two years at Innoventures, and this place is full of positive energy and unique team who are always there for you.