Mohamed Amgad

Mohamed is a Digital Marketing Manager at the Red Square advertising agency. Through 10years at the market, they are showing the road to companies and supporting them, whether online as Social Media or offline as events management, Ideation & brand activation.
Mohamed Amgad likes the team support we offer at our place, the advantage of our location at the heart of HELIO Police near to their office: which facilitates their operations easing their process.

Ideaspace is a place where you can easily brainstorm and creatively think to extract your ideas and achieve your tasks efficiently and timely through technical and logistical support.
It is a place where you will meet people with the same passion and personalities: making you feel at ease and home.
Whatever your business-level is, you will find it here: at Ideaspace

"You Will Always Find Someone To Share Your Experience With", "That is Why I love Ideaspace".

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Eman Khaled

Eman Elogail HELIO Space Manager