Ideaspace is the space to innovate and do the mind storm. It is the place you can feel nothing is missing to have a unique great idea. Tools, atmosphere, people and activities are what gives your innovation a new peak.

3A small bed saw can help you too much to shape your thing of small dimension with good control.

Electronic components and power supplies are very important to do your electronic innovation.

A small drilling machine is also an important tool to do the basic tasks for your prototypes.

A 3-axis milling machine is more than enough to do whatever design you need with proficiency.

Five is a co-working designed to support and entrepreneurs, as well a platform for developing

Six is a co-working designed to support and entrepreneurs, as well a platform for developing.

Laser cutter works on up to A3 size with a quality that satisfy your ambitions.

Bench top drill is used for your prototyping. It is a reliable drilling machine that can deal with almost all the dimensions you may need.

3D printer is used to build your 3D model with a unique level of quality. Whatever you think about can be easily done.

The Dremel tool set is a very high quality tool set that helps you do whatever prototyping tasks of wood.


Collaboration is the second step to take your innovation to another level and start thinking about making it real. A wrong network can make you fake a temporary success for that ideaspace makes sure you find the right network to take your idea from just an idea to a plan for a future business that makes a real difference.


Every step has its challenges. After you have you idea ready what next could be done? It is time to boom and go out to market. Ideaspace helps you do it by giving you the way to go and find you the right network and right people to help. We develop your skills to be ready and link you with our success partners and to complete your success journey with them.

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Hesham Wahby

CEO of Innoventures

Mohamed Aboud

Executive Manager of Hadath

MoezBellah Al-Shareef

Activation Manager

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